Energize and Heal Your Way Through the Shifts!

1. LIVE Group Angelic Support Session 

Date: December 6th, 2019 Time: 2-3pm ET Dial in information: (712) 451-0200 Access Code: 356429#


2. Recorded Body Elemental Workshop (Audio) 
3. Recorded Living with an Open Heart in a World Gone Mad Series (2 Audios)
4. Living With An Open Heart Playbook (pdf)


Angelic Support Sessions are incredibly life-changing. Theresa’s clients have been validating that over and over by making miraculous shifts AND MAINTAINING THEM! We’ve all done so much work on ourselves, and offend it feels like “there just has to be an easier way for me to be done with all of this!” The energy of the world is such that right now, there is! Because we’ve paved the way, and with the help of the Angels, we are able to clear things almost instantaneously that would have taken years and maybe even lifetimes, even just a short while ago. The Angels are thrilled to support in whichever ways are necessary in order to bring us closer to Whole-ness so that we can shine as brightly as possible and be the channels of Love and Peace that we know we are here to be. Being in struggle doesn’t serve anymore. That’s an old imprint. We are needed to be as peace-filled as possible so that we can ripple that energy outward and be the shining examples of what the new paradigm looks like. On this LIVE call, we will be clearing old imprints from our DNA, as a group. We will also be supported in making shifts in our individual lives based on these clearings. You will be held in a field of unconditional Love that will draw forth the perfection of your Soul as energy that is in resistance or incongruous with your Higher Purpose will be brought to Light. Theresa and the Angels then offer you the opportunity to release, transmute, rewire (using epigenetics), rectify, or heal these energies. Connection with your entire team, including your body elemental, guides, personal angels, as well as Archangels ensures the process is filled with ease and grace as incredibly powerful work is performed thoroughly, irreversibly, and efficiently. Throughout the session, the Angels will be offering a transmission of energy to further activate your soul song, so that it can ring more clearly and be received by those in your soul family who are yearning for and looking for you, as you are looking for them. Note: Though Theresa works primarily with the Archangels, you never know which beings of the highest Light might show up to assist you in your process. Also Includes Channeling and Group Meditation.

Creating Vibrant Health With Your Body Elemental

You know that little voice that nudges you to do certain things so that you feel healthier or have more energy?   You know, the voice that tells you to take a break, eat more veggies, or get on your yoga mat? Have you ever stopped to wonder where that voice is coming from? Probably not. And if not, you’re not alone.  Those of us on a spiritual path are more likely to spend time nurturing our connection with the Divine and with our Angels and guides than with this “voice.” It is easier for us to work with the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies than with our physical body. In fact, words like exercise and diet can often have strong energetic implications that make us run quickly in the other direction. We are already doing too much, for too many, with too little left for ourselves.  What if I told you there is a much more fun way to create health and vibrancy that actually involves a lot of what you’ve learned through your spiritual practice?  Embracing your body elemental is the way to do just that. ​ We live in turbulent times where we FEEL SO MUCH and, at the same time, are being called to GROW at such an expedient rate. And guess what? We can do it all and still have energy left over. In this Workshop, you’ll discover: * Who and what the body elemental is * Why a good relationship with your body elemental is instrumental to increasing your vitality * How to connect with your own personal body elemental * What needs to be done to keep connection and work with your body elemental * How working with your body elemental can clear your karma This workshop will give you a more in-depth understanding of your personal body elemental, how it is instrumental in creating the life experience you desire, and the next steps on your road to working together.

Living With an Open Heart Audio 1

This is the time that we have been training for, Love Warrior, and we need you to be unshakeable in your commitment to anchor the energy of Love. The only time we can’t possibly be hurt is when our hearts are fully open. Yet this seems to be great paradox of this life. How do we do open ourSelves fully when we feel so much pain—our own, as well as the suffering of others? In this two-part series, Theresa explores some of the things that hold us back from shining our light fully, and what we can do about them. She shares simple yet profound ways to shift your life and energy quickly—all without completely disrupting your current routine. She assists you to see and let go of what no longer serves you with great Love and respect. Audio 1: Explores the different energies of Love, and how it’s softness, ferocity, and intensity can bring even the biggest skeptics to their knees and change the world in incredible ways.  There is focus on the ways that we can strengthen ourselves from the inside, and utilize more of the support that is naturally built into this existence (the support that we so often overlook!). This will allow us to be in a more sovereign and open state so that so that the energies outside of us have less of an impact on us than we have on them. When we begin to experience the evidence that comes with these shifts, we become much more able to stand firmly in the power of Love with an open heart, radiating it far and wide.

Living With an Open Heart Audio 2

Audio 2: Focuses on energy leaks, drains, relationships, and boundaries. Though she is a Sensitive, Theresa is a master of boundaries, and seeks to assist others to claim the same! She sees how our strength is directly correlated to the amount of energy we give to others (consciously or unconsciously) and helps us to locate and plug leaks and find the inherited or chosen beliefs that have prevented us from knowing when and how we are being drained.  These energy deficits have been the catalyst for so many of us needing to close our hearts to some degree for self -protection and -preservation. The Angels as they offer their healing help to assist you through your own stuck places.  You already tread softly upon this earth. Let’s increase your ability for feel ALIVE and enjoy the experience more thoroughly! Yes, there is much to do and much to be fixed, AND you do a much better job when you are able to function from an open-hearted and centered place. Theresa and the Angels will bring you there through this package. You are READY. You are NEEDED. Your time to SHINE is NOW.