Theresa Vee

Theresa Vee

The people who feel called to Theresa are those that know they should have attended Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters before being sent out into the “real” world into their greatness. Theresa is known for helping them to create greater health and vibrancy while assisting them in finding the strength in their sensitivity and guiding them in the use of their superpowers. She is an international speaker, spiritual teacher, mentor, master of the healing arts, yoga and wellness professional, and Angelic channel. As a Visionary, a Love Warrior, and a fierce stand for PEACE, she has been helping others to heal and accept their own power for more than 15 years. She empowers Sensitives to stand in the Truth of Who They Really Are so that they can live their Purpose and feel alive and fulfilled.

Experiencing Divine Deliverance


Theresa's special offer

Package A $197 (also available as a 2 pay $105/each) • 25 available • everything in Package B PLUS: Personal Angelic Support Session in the Healing Temple 45-Minute Phone Session, recorded for you to have.

 Meet with Theresa in the healing temple, where you are held in a field of total, unconditional Love.   Through reading, you will receive messages and answers to some of your deepest, most pressing questions. As the Angels offer transmissions of energy that further activate your soul song so that it can ring more clearly and be received by those in your soul family who are yearning to connect with you, as you are looking for them.   This Sacred Space allows any incongruous or resistant energies in your system to come to light in service to connecting you more fully with the brilliant perfection of your soul. Theresa and the Angels then offer you the opportunity to release, transmute, rewire, rectify, or heal these energies using many powerful healing modalities—including but not limited to:  • ancestral healing • sound healing • holographic energy healing methods • epigenetics • light infusions • Reiki • Integrated Energy Therapy • Karuna Reiki • Marma Point Therapy 
Connection with your entire Team—including your body elemental, guides, personal angels, as well as the Archangels—ensures the process is filled with ease and grace as this incredibly transformative work is performed thoroughly, irreversibly, and efficiently. We are able to heal much more, much faster than we ever were before, and this session uses that Divine dispensation as fully as you are ready. 

Package B $97 Group Healing Temple Session

These sessions are incredibly life-changing, and miraculous shifts are made in an instant! This container of unconditional Love draws forth the perfection of your Soul and your connection with your entire Team—including your body elemental, guides, personal angels, the Healers of the Light, and the Archangels—which ensures the process is filled with ease and grace, allowing incredibly powerful work to be performed thoroughly, irreversibly, and efficiently. On this call, we will be focusing on release, healing, and transmutation of old energies, holograms, and imprints that that no longer serve us as individuals and have been holding Collective evolution at bay.  

This experience includes: 

• Group meditation in preparation for the deeply healing work 

• Angelic messages that are relevant specifically to the group at the time of the gathering. 

• Healing Transmissions and Energy Therapy for release, including but not limited to: 

 ancestral healing  sound healing • holographic energy healing methods • epigenetics • light infusions • programming and integration of new patterns • explanation of everything you need to know in order to move forward successfully from this new place • Q&A, if time allows.   


Being in struggle doesn’t serve anymore. Let’s be in flow and allow ourselves to be carried effortlessly throughout the currents of life.  Note: This call will be recorded, and playback will be available. 


Item 2: Body Elemental Pre-recorded Audio Workshop If recent events have shown us nothing else, it is the pressing need for us to work more closely with our body elemental. Do you know that little voice that nudges you to do certain things so that you feel healthier?   You know, the voice that, apropos of nothing, tells you to have a green juice, go to the gym, or get on your yoga mat? Have you ever stopped to wonder where that voice is coming from? Probably not. And you’re not alone.  Those of us on a spiritual path are more likely to spend time nurturing our connection with the Divine and with our Angels and guides than with this “voice.” It seems much easier for us to work with the spiritual body than with our physical body. This is where we’ve gotten it wrong! There is a much more fun way to create health and vibrancy that actually involves some of what you’ve learned through your spiritual practice. AND you don’t have to go it alone! In this workshop, you discover: 

• Who and what the body elemental is • Why a good relationship with your body elemental is instrumental to increasing your vitality • What needs to be done to connect and work with your personal body elemental • How working with your body elemental can clear your karma • How listening now can prepare you for something that might effect you later You will leave this workshop with a more in-depth understanding of your personal body elemental, joyful connection with it, greater health, and the next steps on your road to working together. 


Item 3: Crystalline Chakra Alignment Audio   In this meditative journey, Theresa and the Angels walk you through your chakra system, guiding you to bring your personal, loving attention to each—releasing stuck energy, increasing flow, and creating the opening for vibrant health as you return each cell to a state of silence.   The exploration creates a more crystalline being—aligning your entire system with the new, crystalline energy to the degree you are ready each time you listen.   Working with this audio will have you vibrating at a freer and higher rate, more connected to your Self and the earth, healthier, and moving forward as a clearer channel with more ease and grace. Duration: 26:00 minutes 


Though there is much responsibility, we are also required to feel ALIVE and enjoy this experience as much as possible! You deserve to operate in the limitlessness and joy that is your birthright. Theresa and your Divine Team bring you there through this package! Welcome HOME!

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Archangel Michael’s Gift of Purpose Journey
This journey is a Sacred space where you will experience Archangel Michael’s powerful presence. He will cause you to feel abundantly supported as you connect more deeply to your Purpose than you thought possible.

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