Sara Landon
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Sara Landon

She is a globally celebrated transformational leader, visionary entrepreneur, spiritual advisor and channel of The Council. The Council is an energetic presence of expanded awareness and higher-level consciousness offering a grander perspective of the human experience and The Wisdom to live one’s highest potential. Together, Sara and The Council are guiding people to answer the profound questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my life’s purpose and how do I live it? Sara began receiving spontaneous written and verbal communication from The Council while working in a highly successful, yet very stressful, corporate career. Burned out, feeling lost and alone, and unsure how to get on the right path to living a meaningful life, Sara began using and applying The Wisdom offered by The Council. Her life started to transform in miraculous ways and for the first time ever, she experienced a level of purpose, peace, love and freedom that she had never imagined possible.

the power of forgiveness to regain your inner-strength, clarity, truth and connection to your Soul's abundance


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Live Your Greatest Calling: How To Create Your Best Life Possible!

Free 5-Part Audio Course Are you wondering if you have A CALLING in this life, but struggling to figure out what it is and how to live it?

Do you constantly feel like there are obstacles keeping you from moving forward and living YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE?

Or maybe you know what you really want in life, but continually find yourself feeling unsatisfied, unclear and unsure how to get yourself on THE RIGHT PATH.

You are READY and now is the time to STEP INTO YOUR DESTINY! You have A CALLING and there is a PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE! You are here to help CREATE A NEW POTENTIAL FOR HUMANITY THIS IS IT ……When you step into living your best life ….

This five-part online webinar series will provide answers, tools, & processes to help you discover:

PART 1: Invitation From Your Soul: The Higher Self Connection Join Sara and The Council as you learn how to connect to your Higher Self and invite in the guidance, awareness and power of your Soul.

PART 2: Mysteries & Miracles Revealed: Align with Divine Orchestration Join Sara and The Council as they guide you step-by-step to aligning with Divine Orchestration to experience miracles, synchronicities and a state of flow.

PART 3: The Secret Agenda Of Your Soul: Preparing For The Quantum Leap Join Sara and The Council as they reveal the secret agenda your Soul has for your expansion into living your greatest calling.

PART 4: Full Disclosure Of The Divine Plan: Real-Time Life Review Join Sara and The Council as they share how you integrate every aspect of your existence and begin to write a new Divine Blueprint for living your best life possible.

PART 5: The Extraordinary Promise: Create Your Best Life Possible Join Sara and The Council as they invite you to take the quantum leap forward into living your extraordinary life.

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**Live ** Heal The Separation of Your Soul To Activate Your Abundance!
Transformational 3 Week Intensive

In this amazing, new live transformational three week intensive, we will be going deep! This is an important time as we are entering 2020 and beyond. As you are feeling, new energies are coming in constantly and our job is to be able to receive them, assimilate them, activate them, and be able to incorporate them into our 3D reality as we are preparing to merge our 3D reality with 5D. This is the bridge upon which we are crossing and this program will assist you in the areas where you are separated or disconnected, have blocks, limitations or fears that are keeping you from making your highest vibrational connection so that you can finally join together what we know to be possible in the 5D and above and bring that into your 3D existence.

Everyone, including you, are born with separation or disconnection from your inner-power which is your direct connection to your highest self and to your soul. But now you have the opportunity to uplift and merge with the higher aspects of yourself and the highest vibration of who you are. It is in this merging and full connection that you will finally access your soul’s divine abundance!

This incredible program includes:

  • Three, 90 minute, LIVE Group Transformational Intensive Sessions 
  • Unify your service to humanity and self
  • Harmonize the cycle of giving and receiving
  • Unblock your ability to manifest abundance on earth
  • Merge with your high-vibe golden chakra system
  • Heal your “soul scars”
  • Go from “strive to thrive” vibrational frequency
  • Integrate and activate your highest vibration in prep for 2020
  • BONUS — 21 consecutive days of support from Gabrielle Spencer and the Golden Beings of Light