Maureen St. Germain

Maureen is known as the Practical Mystic. She is the author of many books: Waking Up in 5D and Opening the Akashic Records, Meet your Record Keepers and Discover Your Soul’s Purpose.  She is an Ascension & Manifestation teacher and author. Maureen developed full-proof techniques to access your Higher Self in her latest book, Opening the Akashic Records. In it, she details how to simply and easily access your own Akashic Records. Founder of the Akashic Records International, Inc. a training and promotion organization she was granted access to this dimension that has been closed to most of humanity for eons. Now she is considered a direct channel to Source. Known for her Amazon best-sellers, and the power of sacred geometry & tools, Waking Up in 5D, Beyond the Flower of Life and Be A Genie, Maureen has been sharing the knowledge she has gained from her years of research and meditation on ancient truths. Since 1995 she has traveled worldwide teaching through wisdom teachings and sacred practices. Magdalene. This beautiful soul was guided to bring them into the world as companions to Maureen’s work. Maureen accepted the responsibility and took up the task of producing and promoting these powerful blends. They stand above other blends due to the powerful nature of their synergistic combinations. Labeled a modern day mystic in Famous Wisconsin Mystics, she has taught in 24 countries, including China, Japan, Australia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, England, Scotland, Canada, Mexico and the US. She has taught at the prestigious American centers Kripalu and Omega Institute. As a transformational teacher, author and intuitive her books have been translated into Russian, German, Italian and Chinese. She has been featured on National Geographic Specials, and hundreds of radio shows worldwide including Coast to Coast with George Noory and Fade to Black with Jimmy Church.

You've Already Been 5d, now how do you stay there?


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I’ve created a very special guided meditation – Mind Mastery for 5D. It is a powerful “training” which will allow you to create more powerful suggestions to your subconscious mind. It includes powerful Brainwave entrainment to improve results for every future intention. In this 9-minute guided Autogenic training meditation you are training your body to respond to your suggestions. It starts with you repeating after me, in your mind or out loud, so your body elemental (the inner engineer of your physical body system) gets accustomed to listening and following your commands about how the body is to respond. Why do you want to control your body? Becoming 5th dimensional is dependent upon it. You are learning to control the environment, and the first environment is your own body!

Your Free Gift: Stabilizing Your Energetic Field: Golden Ray Healing Your Stress, Anxiety, Depression For More Peace, Joy, Happiness & Financial Abundance

 As we move into the golden age of the 5th dimension, the high-vibe energies are pushing you to transform yourself and step into your own high-vibe empowerment!

The Golden Ray encompasses all the attributes of all the other Rays. It clears your multi-dimensional energy bodies of lower vibrational lack, struggle, victim / victimizer frequencies so you can more easily absorb, assimilate and activate the higher vibrational frequencies that are coming in to move you into your self-mastery and leadership! 

The Golden Ray Frequency heals your stress, anxiety, depression and limiting fears and aligns your heart with higher vibrational universal energy to maximize your life’s peace, joy and financial abundance!

Gabrielle Spencer is a multi-dimensional intuitive channel, healer, and strategist! She is gifted with the ability to connect with your soul to shift you into your highest vibration of your Soul’s divine mission-driven purpose to ease you into your conscious wealth creation abilities on every level!

Personal healing and transformation is your key to shifting your same old story of lack and struggle for money, love, happiness, health and overall wealth and abundance! The ascension timeline is providing the advanced energies to move out of the old mass consciousness and move into the new consciousness energy of abundance!