Lori Spagna
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Lori Spagna is a Best Selling Author, Speaker, Ascension Guide, Multi-Dimensional Channel, Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Visionary, Lightworker and Starseed who has transformed the lives of thousands of humans and animals via her Channeled Ascension Guidance, Intuition, Sacred Energy Healing and Animal Communication and Telepathy. She provides Ascension Training and Support, Sacred Energy Healing Transmissions, Dormant DNA Activations, Star Code Marking Activations and Sacred Key Code Activations for humans and animals. 

Activating Your Dormant DNA, You Sacred Key Codes & You Star Code Markings


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What is the Dormant DNA and Whats it Good For, Anyway?

During This FREE mini-class, you will learn about the real and scientifically valid information regarding your DNA including:

  • Why the first two strands of DNA contain all of the mysteries from your ancestral lineage as well as the misconceptions and false beliefs of your ancestors and your family bloodlines.
  • How you can clear, heal and resolve your genetic make up in your DNA and actually completely alter and change your future for the better.
  • What these full 12 strands of DNA are actually good for, and why they contain your greatest gifts, talents and abilities.

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Unleash & Unlock Your Ultimate Abundance

What is your key to unlocking and unleashing your abundance? Find out what is out of alignment for you through your Higher Self’s participation in this energy clearing and activation and obliterate it so you can move into your abundance! Your Ultimate Abundance is Within You, Activate Your Abundance Now with this No-Fee MP3!

Gabrielle Spencer

Is known for assisting “old souls” to regain their mastery of Conscious Creation! She is a multi-dimensional intuitive channel and channels the 12D Golden Beings of Light and the Lords of Light. She is a healer, inspirational speaker, author and practical spiritualist who’s considered a global leader on activating your life purpose and abundance. She’s inspired thousands of students, clients, and listeners to get “lit” from within and truly live the abundant life they desire. Gabrielle shares next-level spiritual tools, clearings and activations to unite your heart, mind, spirit and soul to allow you to remember who you are and awaken to your divine destiny.

Check out Gabrielle’s masterclass series to help you be the Master of Light you are!

Conscious Creation in the New Consciousness Energy of the Golden Heart Frequency

 here: https://gabriellespencer.lpages.co/golden-heart-transmission-ssmc3/