Kim Regnitz

Kim Regnitz

Kim is a Conscious Channel, aligning and working through the “I AM” Frequency under the Guidance of her ‘I AM” Alchemy Team Collective! Her ‘Team” Collective, consists of Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angelics, Galactics, Star Beings, Crystallines, Interdimensionals, Intergalactics (dolphins and Dragons), Elementals) etc, Kim offers remote and in-person Holographic Transformational sessions/Classes/Retreats as well as regular Live Group Calls,  locally and worldwide, eclectically blending many of the Above Skill sets and Tools, with Frequent new upgrades and Downloads.


Her greatest Joy as an ‘Interpreter of the Soul’s Vibration’, is to Activate and Empower others in Awakening to the Beautiful Truth of who they are, Expanding the Love and Light in the Co-Creation of Heaven Within. Kim is a Heart-Based, Conscious Channel and facilitates from the levels of the “I AM “Frequencies, playfully offering Transformational Intensives in an Ancient Mystery School and unconventional format.  Her newest Adventure is leading Multi-Dimensional Nature Retreats in remote Powerful Places Worldwide….!

"Alchemy & Magic Thru "I AM" Alignment"!

Enjoy a “Heart Centered” (Experienced based) Alignment with the I AM Frequency, Activating the Magic And Alchemy of Zero Point and Quantum Possibility Potential! “Alignment” is the Total Key to Navigating this Great Awakening and Ascension Timeline! As a Conscious Channel of this I AM Frequency Kim will be offering Juicy Conversation as well as Several Processes as Guided through her I AM Alchemy Team Collective! What is truly Possible for you? This is NOT about “Doing”, it is about “Being” and Activating Greater Awareness of the Light Master you already Are! As we are in the Scorpio New Moon Cycle and the Aquarian Moon at the time of the call, EnJOY the Natural Energy of Magic and Alchemy as we MAY Boldly go where we have never gone before! Kim Facilitates in a very playful Unconventional way, so be prepared for the Exciting “UnKNOWN! 🙂


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Gabrielle Spencer

Commander & Light Warrior, Visionary Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, and Channel for 12D Golden Beings of Light!
Gabrielle is a channel and intuitive multi-dimensional energy healer who specializes in visionary teachings and healings of your soul allowing reconnection of your Light and Power at every level of being. She is an activator of consciousness, an awakener of souls, and a catalyst for high level vibrational change that has brought about quantum growth, abundance, healing, and instantaneous change and manifestation in the lives of millions of clients across the globe.

She is the host of the global SoulScape Show, a best-selling co-author of The Power of Transformation, has published articles in OM Times and Sophia Magazines, was a featured speaker at the Conscious Life Expo, LA; Beyond the Ordinary; You Wealth Revolution, and many more. She is creator of the Soul Illumination and Heart Opening to Abundance Masterclass serie