Joy Taylor
She is an inspirational teacher for the modern age. Founder of A Soul Inspired Life and past director of the Women’s Business Center in Northern California, her passion is empowering and equipping individuals to lead and love, aligned with their values. In her speaking and training she offers practical strategies and solutions to assist you in living an authentic, purposeful life, a life founded in self-compassion and trust! She promotes a new paradigm – soul inspired living – and  suggests that by leading from heart, we can create a better world. Her mission is to empower and inspire groups and individuals to align with their values and enjoy the process of “successing.” 
Inner-Honoring (Deep Self-Compassion) When Addiction Falls Away From You ...


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Your Free Gift: Stabilizing Your Energetic Field: Golden Ray Healing Your Stress, Anxiety, Depression For More Peace, Joy, Happiness & Financial Abundance

 As we move into the golden age of the 5th dimension, the high-vibe energies are pushing you to transform yourself and step into your own high-vibe empowerment!

The Golden Ray encompasses all the attributes of all the other Rays. It clears your multi-dimensional energy bodies of lower vibrational lack, struggle, victim / victimizer frequencies so you can more easily absorb, assimilate and activate the higher vibrational frequencies that are coming in to move you into your self-mastery and leadership! 

The Golden Ray Frequency heals your stress, anxiety, depression and limiting fears and aligns your heart with higher vibrational universal energy to maximize your life’s peace, joy and financial abundance!

Gabrielle Spencer is a multi-dimensional intuitive channel, healer, and strategist! She is gifted with the ability to connect with your soul to shift you into your highest vibration of your Soul’s divine mission-driven purpose to ease you into your conscious wealth creation abilities on every level!

Personal healing and transformation is your key to shifting your same old story of lack and struggle for money, love, happiness, health and overall wealth and abundance! The ascension timeline is providing the advanced energies to move out of the old mass consciousness and move into the new consciousness energy of abundance!