"Ascending Into Freedom & Abundance"

Have you ever asked yourself questions such as “Why do I keep doing this when I keep getting what I don’t want?” “I know what the pattern is but I can’t seem to break out of it.” “I am so tired of struggling, I don’t know where to turn.” “No matter what I do, nothing seems to change.”
If you go back to your childhood, you might recall being taught that everything is energy. The human body is no exception. It is energy as well, just as everything in the Universe is. There are 7 main energy centers called Chakras. A chakra is like a spinning wheel that as a result of its spin, creates a vacuum at its center, attracting whatever comes its way. These wheels of energy are constantly attracting and radiating energy and are sometimes called The Wheels of Life.
When our Chakras become damaged or blocked, they either do not open much at all or only open a percentage of what’s possible. They become blocked because of stored unresolved experiences, emotions or memories. Even one damaged or blocked chakra can throw the entire chakra system off, leaving us in a spiritually unbalanced state.
As a result, balancing our Chakras determines our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Joy Baker's Package A

Each chakra recording for your “Ascending Into Freedom & Abundance” program is approximately 20 minutes of clearings and activations. We identify core beliefs, patterns and emotions stuck within each chakra and then release those energies which have been causing you to feel powerless and stuck in your life. Towards the end, we activate the emotions for each specific chakra so that you once again feel alive with powerful thoughts and feelings and are ready to take action on how YOU choose to live your life!

As you listen to the following chakra recordings, you’ll experience the release of various emotions such as anger, shame, regret, powerlessness, guilt etc and the release of core beliefs such as ‘not enough’ ‘not worthy’, ‘not lovable’ etc. In addition, you’ll experience the activations of freedom, abundance, Divine Love and so much more.

Some of the benefits you may experience from the “Ascending Into Freedom and Abundance” program are:

EIGHT bonus recordings

Bonus 1: Clearing & Resolving Mother Issues

As adults, we become the product of the energetic emotional environment we grew up in. Whatever your parents were feeling, whether they expressed it or not, was what you picked up on and internalized as a small child. This audio focuses on the emotional energy you picked up on and internalized from your mother. Listen to this to help free yourself from those unresolved emotional mother issues so that you can be your best possible Self.

Bonus 2: Clearing & Resolving Father Issues

This audio discovers, clears and frees you from those unresolved emotional father issues so that you can live a fulfilled and inspiring life!

Bonus 3: Clearing and Activating for Healthy Relationships

It’s time to free yourself from the unresolved baggage you’ve carried around from past relationships. In this audio, you’ll cut cords to relationships that have ended and you’re ready to be free from. Once you have closure from the past, you’ll be ready to experience the healthy, supportive, inspiring and passionate relationship you’ve been looking for!

Bonus 4: Vision & Freedom

Do you have a vision for yourself, for your life? If you don’t know what direction you’re headed in, you’re going to keep going in circles and repeating patterns. Not having a vision is why many people stay stuck on the treadmill of constantly working ‘on’ their ‘stuff’, rather than moving towards a vision and intention. Having a vision allows the energy to break free of that constant looping so that you can move forward to something greater.

Bonus 5: Receiving

For energy to flow and for us to experience freedom and abundance, we need to receive as well as give. Yet many of us find it much easier to give than to receive and sometimes almost completely block abundance and opportunities from coming into our lives. This recording opens you up to receiving so that you step forward into the flow and ease of all that life has been offering you.

Bonus 6: The Awakening of your Brilliant Inner Child

Let go of fixing, protecting, saving. Awakening is the process of allowing the True, Authentic, Amazing you to emerge from the shadows. Listen to this journey and connect with the Brilliance of the Inner Child within you.

Bonus 7: Optimum Health

In your health recording, we go through each of the 7 main chakras, clearing and releasing any emotions, beliefs, patterns and more that could be keeping you stuck in the cycle of low energy, stress, body pain etc. Then, as we move through each chakra, we activate that which supports your Ultimate Health.

Bonus 8: Abundant Wealth

Your Abundant Wealth recording identifies and releases points of view, expectations, core beliefs and more in each of the main 8 chakras that are keeping you stuck in scarcity and living a life of lack and limitation. Isn’t it time you had the money and freedom to live life the way YOU choose? Is this YOUR time to live a life of Abundant Wealth?! Let’s activate the Abundant Wealth within you!

Joy Baker's Special Offer "Package B"

Each of Joy’s Personalized Remote Freedom Clearings is as unique as the individual receiving it and can range from a simple tune-up to a life-changing awakening. Your Freedom Clearing will consist of a powerful laser-focused scan of your entire being based on a single issue, question, or area of your life where you feel stuck or limited. You can focus on creating financial abundance or any other area of your life that you would like to have cleared and activated.
Joy will tune in to your specific frequency and speak with you on the etheric level to address and clear deep-seated, limiting core beliefs, blocks, programs and or relationship dynamics so that your true Radiance can be activated as you move into a state of renewed Freedom & Expansion!
After doing hundreds of Freedom Clearings, Joy has found that it takes between 20 – 25 minutes to deeply clear the specific block or limitation which you’ve identified and would like cleared. You’ll receive an audio recording that you can listen to anytime and as many times as you like. Each time you listen to it energies will be cleared at a deeper level and you’ll receive even more value from your recorded Freedom Clearing. Clients have frequently reported new insights and deeper revelations with each review of their session.
All Joy needs to do your personalized Freedom Clearing & Activation is an email with your issue or area of concern and your picture. Joy will then be able to read the energy signature within your words and the energy contained within your picture to identify what is no longer working for you and that is ready to be released at an unconscious level.
As stagnant emotions (emotions = Energy in Motion) are cleared out, emotions such as happiness, gratitude, appreciation, acceptance, etc. awaken within you and are brought to your conscious awareness to initiate the Activation.
Since your session is done from your picture and specified issue, it is not necessary for you to be present or to set up a time to have this done. An audio recording of your session will be sent you to you via email, which you can then listen to at any time…the ultimate in convenience!