Jill Mattson

She is a widely recognized expert, channel of the Atlantean Masters and composer in the field of sound and color healing. She has produced 9 musical CD’s with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient and modern techniques and special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Jill presents new ways of approaching health and every day issues using the benefits of sound and color. 

Atlantis Rising! Akashic Records & Atlantean Masteries - Retake your Power & Higher Energies!


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Free mp3 Paint your Soul CD – one selection from Paint your Soul CD, with 18 Solfeggio tones for enlightenment. Fibonacci frequencies – tuning you to nature Free mp3 Star Dust CD is derived from the motion and chemistry of the Heavenly Spheres to capture subtle energy from the Stars. One selection from Star Dust CD! Free mp3 The Healing Flower Symphonies CDs provide vibratory healing benefits of 12 Flower Essences. The symphonies release negativity and then energetically create ascendance. Listen to a sample track! Free mp3 The Cosmic Streams CD tunes chakras with frequencies, rhythmic patterns, colors, elements, emotional subtle energies, Tibetan bowls and more. Sample the tuning of one chakra Free mp3 Contacting Angels & Masters CD takes you on an experiential journey to connect with Angels & Masters. Experience the Angels, Masters of one Ray! Free mp3 Deep Wave Body Healing CD – An ancient Atlantean technique of tuning your organs for uplifting health and subtle energies. Try this out and tune one body organ! Free Chapters from Books Free Chapter Ancient Musical Healer alive today from Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing Free Chapter Involution & Ancient Musical Energies from The Lost Waves of Time. Learn about the fast track to enlightenment through this reading!

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Stabilizing Your Energetic Field: Golden Ray Healing Your Stress, Anxiety, Depression For More Peace, Joy, Happiness & Financial Abundance


As we move into the golden age of the 5th dimension, the high-vibe energies are pushing you to transform yourself and step into your own high-vibe empowerment!

The Golden Ray encompasses all the attributes of all the other Rays. It clears your multi-dimensional energy bodies of lower vibrational lack, struggle, victim / victimizer frequencies so you can more easily absorb, assimilate and activate the higher vibrational frequencies that are coming in to move you into your self-mastery and leadership! 

The Golden Ray Frequency heals your stress, anxiety, depression and limiting fears and aligns your heart with higher vibrational universal energy to maximize your life’s peace, joy and financial abundance!

JILL'S SPECIAL OFFER for Atlantis Rising ~ The Magic Returns!

Take a journey to connect with the higher Atlantis. Accelerate your true purpose, receive practical insights, improve your relationships and attain former skills and mastery. Experience guided past life regressions from Atlantis. Listen to the channeled Atlantean Masters. Access the Akashic Record in the Great Atlantean Crystal Pyramid. Energy can be changed. And it must! As step into our own mastery. Learn about crystal skulls and activate your pineal gland!

When the thirteen lost Crystal Skulls of Atlantis are all recovered and reunited – it will signal the beginning of the ascension of Mankind to the divine realm. …

The signs are strong and clear. A new dawn is at hand.

As we raise mankind’s energy and consciousness – more skulls will be found. In turn, the rediscovered skulls will further elevate the energy of the entire Planet. These Skulls of Atlantis contain energy of the highest spiritual purity, power and illumination that has been lost ever since waves washed over Atlantis, tens-of-thousands-of years ago. The wisdom of Atlantis contains spiritual truths and techniques beyond our normal comprehension. Dive deep into technologies, ideas and methods that have not been discussed before.

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