& Live in Your Divine Sovereignty

by Emunah Malinovitz

Yes, It’s time to Embody our Awakening, we are evolving at a rapid level, and not just us personally , we’re evolving as a species and our Earth is going through her own Ascension Process. It’s time to Be the BRIDGE Between Heaven and Earth.

How do we do this? And not get pulled into the muck and mire and division we see running rampant right now in our world.

Here’s what’s true right now. It’s an intense time for many people. I’m feeling it and if you’re feeling it too, then it’s helpful to know you are not alone.

The energy is super intense right now. It's time to Awaken!

If you’re struggling, it’s because this is a time of stripping away.

All humanity is being energetically supported (it may feel forced) in giving up the thoughts and beliefs that cause our suffering.

You may already know that I struggled for decades trying to find the spiritual keys that would unlock the pain and suffering that I was dealing with just like everybody else.

I studied so many things to try and find the answer to my pain. I was utterly convinced that healing took time. I believed that I had to earn my healing. I felt I KNEW that I had to undo my negative karma piece by piece. Because I believed it, I was experiencing it, because that’s how this world works.

I believed healing took time, so it took me decades to slog through it.

I believed that I had to earn my healing, so I was working to earn points by volunteering, by studying spiritual programs and developing my spiritual knowledge.

I believed that I had to undo my negative karma piece by piece and so I was doing just that by making amends, changing my mind, letting things go and practicing compassion.

And then I began to really focus on my willingness.

As I became more and more focused, the tools would appear at the right time.

One of the most powerful tools that has appeared has been The Energy Transfer Reset. This is because we are being supported in a huge way to Awaken right now. There are beings in higher dimensions committed to the Awakening of Gaia, and know that our individual Awakening contributes to that, so they are stepping up to assist us in huge ways.

But, they need your willingness, your participation, YOUR YES! It can happen for you! MUCH MORE QUICKLY NOW!

What many others have gone through to raise consciousness can happen for you quickly if you are willing and open to receive the support and use the tools given to us for this time on our planet.

IT IS TIME TO NOT JUST Understand Awakening but live it in our cells.

In order to do this, we need to Purge the density, Embrace the Shadow, and Wake up and embody our Multi- dimensional essence.

I have created a powerful container to hold you and support you lovingly as you move through the muck and drama of our world, personally and collectively.

As we approach the Lions gate, on 8-8-2020. Let’s prepare to walk through portal in our sovereignty, mastery and embody the TRUTH of who we are.

Here is What You will Receive:

Option 1


Includes :

PRIVATE 1 on 1 Awakening/ Soul Embodiment Session with Emunah and Spirit Team

Experience a deeply transformative 1:1 healing, intuitive energy session with Emunah and the Spirit team. We’re here to Midwife you into your Multi-dimensional essence and help you move through the muck as quickly as possible because we need you in your full power and mastery.

You know it’s time, and we each have a role to play.

As we help you clear the density, and illusion you have carried in your cells for many lifetimes, you will see and feel the shift and know your role, your purpose, and live in tune and connected, Trusting yourself.


We will:

  • Identify your blocks to Awakening – specifically where they are in your Aura
  • Clear your top 3: 3D Confusion Cords that are keeping you from 5D Awakening
  • Clear your Cement Block Bindings – addressing Ancestral Baggage and fear of Ascension.. no more staying stuck in what’s familiar!
  • Identify and remove mind control programmed black boxes that are running you
  • Release heavy energetic satchels weighing you down and holding you back
  • Accelerate your Awakening process

This is a very special session in which we can truly help accelerate your process.

Emunah will set the sacred container, connect to Source and your Higher self and channel Divine healing for your specific journey of Soul Embodiment and Sovereignty.

You’ll receive any messages, downloads, and Powerful Healing transmissions and light codes.

As a result you'll:

  • Raise Your Vibrational Frequency, This is so important and we need to clear the density and unplug from the matrix of illusion to do this
  • Heal from past Karma
  • Release Your Soul Contract and step into True Source Blueprint
  • Connect to Your Personal, Customized Spirit Team, ( this is a game- changer, when you know you are truly guided, loved and supported)
  • Help The Earth Ascend as you Ascend, Fulfilling your mission for being here
  • Accelerate Your Ability to Manifest as you truly become the Co-Creator of Your Life
  • Don’t Get stuck in the 3d, step into and claim your 5d Sovereignty
  • Quickly let go of what no longer serves you and is holding you back
  • Be able to trust your guidance and discern truth from fiction
  • FINALLY EMBODY your Awakening
  • Witness life unfold with more flow, ease, clarity
  • Notice things lining up as you get ALIGNED TO TRUTH and Awaken to your full Sovereign ESSENCE

When you are empowered, connected, and free from the heaviness you have carried for lifetimes, you’ll see a shift in all areas of your life. Again its time and the SUPPORT is here.

Group Remote Healing/ transmissions daily from ‘Yes’ through the duration of the process 30 days.

To accelerate your awakening journey and help you get the most benefit and amplify your light and essence as you Stand in your SOVEREIGN Essence and radiate the light you came here to SHINE!

Every day, starting as soon as you sign up, and give your sacred YES, My team and I will begin remote healing sessions, to start the process of helping you purge your pain body and awaken your sovereign light codes and energetic essence. This means you are included in daily prayers and intentions and experiencing healing support to Awaken to YOUR TRUE ESSENCE, from when you say yes, and for 30 days after you receive the Sovereign Prototype LIVE Transmission and Activation.

2 mp3 recorded from live sacred transmission healing Group sessions

Recorded Mp3 from Live Group Session #1: August 7, 2020, 12 pm pacific

This event will be recorded. You can listen live or to the replay as often as you like to help your awakening process.

This Session is for The Energy Transfer Reset

Energy Transfer Reset is a quantum healing modality gifted to humanity by the Arcturians as a help in accelerating the Ascension and clearing lower vibrations. The session is facilitated by a team of 250 light beings and completely resets your energy field.


  • Removes frequencies below the 5th dimension. In other words, frequencies created by pride, anger, greed, fear, grief, apathy, guilt, shame, helplessness, hopelessness, worry, anxiety, regret and depression. By removing low frequencies, your current frequency skyrockets. It is like removing cement blocks from around your ankles.
  • Removes blockages, tags, implants, cords and dark entity attachments.
  • Restores the soul back to a pure state, which allows you to start fresh and manifest the future you desire. This is the RESET.
  • Allows for quantum healing – the body and energy field begin healing on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. All types of physical healing can occur including the healing of birth defects. The only impairment the ETR cannot remove is metal placed in the body through surgery (such as a joint replacement or rod in the spine).
  • You may experience a stronger connection to your spirit guides and other beings in different dimensions. When you raise your frequency and match theirs, you can easily communicate. Some clients have begun speaking light language.
  • Begins a process of reverse aging. Through intention, we can ask the spirit beings to manipulate your DNA to reverse age. This is optional. We have power over our DNA and only age because we believe we must age.

THIS WILL prepare you fully to receive the energies to walk through the LIONSGATE PORTAL ON 8/8/2020!!!

Recorded from Live Group Session #2 - A SOUL EMBODIMENT RITUAL

This is where we will fully receive the light codes coming in, and awaken your sovereign essence and Awaken your royalty, divine purpose and plug you into your Support team.

We will claim and unlock your mastery. Before we can receive the massive light and downloads coming in. we need to prepare.

Many of us have been clearing and purging, but when you do it intentionally, in a sacred container, you will be amazed how quickly you can ascend and reach the higher energies so you can be the bridge and ground these energies into the Earth as She ascends.

The container starts as soon as you say yes…

What’s a daily prayer and Remote Energy Transfer Reset ( to support you in releasing the density and Shadow you are carrying. We want to start the process asap, so when you show up for the live call, you are Ready to Fully Let go, and FLY.

Also: 2 Powerful Pre-recorded Healing/ Transmission calls you will get access to immediately

These sessions are intended to Purge what you are carrying for the collective, and accelerate your process so you get the most out of our live LIONS GATE Sessions.

The Collective is currently healing from Racism, suppression, systemic injustices and more.. We are all feeling it, and we need to purge and transmute wherever we hold this on our bodies. While you may not consider yourself racist:

  • It is in the collective energy
  • Many of us have ancestors and other timelines we are clearing that have held this energy
  • It’s held in the aura of America and the world… which also affects us all
  • You can feel and have been holding the weight of this energy

This is part of the COLLECTIVE purging and Healing that must be done to help us BE FREE. That’s a lot of heavy energy we have carried for over 400 years, that once shifted will be a huge boon for our personal and collective awakening.

2 Sessions included to help you do this: Energy transfer Reset on 8/7/20.

Session 1- Healing Racism and Injustice from our Pain Body

Our intention is to help clear our pain bodies of racism, and systematic injustice, and create healing as we transmute these dense energies out of your cellular body.

Session 2- Healing The Pain Body and Soul of America

Our intention is to help heal and clear the soul and Pain body of America. Help us Transmute the pain and heavy energies over us, so we can create an America that lives up to its purpose and ideals.

( These are recorded calls you are encouraged to engage with before our live calls over the LIONS GATE. )

Sovereign Self Guided Meditation (mp3)

Use this daily to clear your energy, stay in connection and anchor your Sovereignty. This is the spiritual hygiene we must do, to keep our frequency clear and stay in our clarity and divine knowing during these times of massive shift and confusion. It is recommended you do this daily.

Bonus #1

Awakening and Releasing Affirmations from the Artcurians for Ascension , Pdf and Mp3s

Bonus #2

Map of Consciousness

Special Bonus

Mary Magdalena Sacred healing and transmission live call

Emunah will bring forward the energy of Mary Magdalena to help heal old wounds around the dismissal of the divine feminine and help you reclaim and heal your sexual energy and power. This will be a very powerful channeled Healing for your divine feminine.

Option 1

Total Value


  • Private Session
  • 2 Recorded from Live Group Sessions
  • 2 Pre-recorded Healing Transmissions
  • Daily prayer, and Remote Energy transfer reset for 30 days
  • SOVEREIGN SELF GUIDED mp3 Meditation
  • Bonuses



Option 2

Total Value



  • 2 Recorded from Live Group Sessions
  • 2 Pre-recorded Healing Transmissions
  • Daily prayer, and Remote Energy transfer reset for 30 days
  • SOVEREIGN SELF GUIDED mp3 Meditation
  • Bonuses



Option 2

Includes everything in Option 1, without a Private one on one session

2 Recorded from Live Group Sessions 2 Pre-recorded Healing Transmissions

( total of 4 sessions)

Daily prayer, and Remote Energy transfer reset for 30 days



Option 1

Total Value


  • Private Session
  • 2  Recorded from Live Group Sessions
  • 2 Pre-recorded Healing Transmissions
  • Daily prayer, and Remote Energy transfer reset for 30 days
  • SOVEREIGN SELF GUIDED mp3 Meditation
  • Bonuses



Option 2

Total Value



  • 2 Recorded from Live Group Sessions
  • 2 Pre-recorded Healing Transmissions
  • Daily prayer, and Remote Energy transfer reset for 30 days
  • SOVEREIGN SELF GUIDED mp3 Meditation
  • Bonuses



What People are Saying...


” Dear Emunah,

Thank you so much for the session on Tuesday. I must say I have felt a tremendous shift. On Wednesday I was just so “in my own boat” so to speak. No paranoia, no anxiety, just appreciation for where I was and what I was doing. I had a dream on Tuesday night that I was in jail, and adding up on a blackboard what they were supposed to pay me for the month, and the last scene in the dream was me visiting an inmate and saying “you know I was released yesterday’! The jail has definitely been of my own making – and how much was I willing to “pay” to be there. Now I have set myself free.

Thank you so much, “

~ Catherine, Retired Teacher


” Emunah,

Thanks so very much for the ETR yesterday evening!

Very powerful process and simple too!

So far, I have noticed things that I haven’t thought about in 30 plus years coming into my consciousness…to be glanced at and released. Doing so with so much love and appreciation for the lessons I have learned from those interactions.

You are the bomb my dear friend! “

~ Dolores Fazzino, Nurse


” Hi Emunah,

I wanted to give you some feedback on what’s been occurring for me since the ETR.

I will have vivid dreams once in awhile. Usually when I do I will have them sometimes 2-3 nights in a row.

I have had vivid dreams every night since the ETR, which now makes it 4 nights in a row.

I do feel it’s my subconscious working things out as well as I am receiving some messages along with it. “

~ Terese, Mom


” Hi Emunah,

I am releasing a lot! I am surprised as to what is coming up for release! A few days ago, memories even surfaced from when I was in High School. That would be from about 45 years ago, but was as clear as yesterday! They caught me totally off guard. Nothing traumatic, but obviously some emotion or belief which needed to be released. So I just observed and let it go. Also, A LOT of stuff coming up with my sons and their wives, but I was expecting that. Thanks so much! Lots of love! “

~ Wendy, Retired


” OH MY GOD!!!!! I am free, I feel so much energy, joy, life force, I am light, I am connected, I am at peace. I can’t thank you enough. “

~ Shonna, Entrepreneur


” My dog Olive was really sick, struggling, not being herself. I had Emunah do an Energy Transfer Reset and instantly Olive returned to her true playful self, in minutes. Whatever was inflicting her was lifted, and I got my Olive back. “

~ Tina, Dog Mom


Emunah Malinovitz

Emunah Malinovitz is a natural born healer, a Starseed, here to help with the Awakening process. She has been a healer, teacher and clairvoyant (intuitive) all her life. She is here to help you transmute old energies and create the life you truly desire. She has healed herself and countless others, and it is her purpose to Help those who are ready to fully AWAKEN. She was introduced to the Energy Transfer Reset in October 2018, and it was a match made in Heaven. Since then this tool has helped her and countless others Awaken to their purpose, their truth, and to live as love.


She works with the Arcturians, Pleiadians, & Sirians to help with the Ascension Process. The time is now to Awaken and Emunah and her team are committed to helping those that are ready to shift into their full power.

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