Dr. Q Moayad

Dr. Q Moayad

Dr. Q was born to an Austrian (catholic) mother and a Persian (Bahai) father. He spent his childhood in Iran, an Islamic country. His family had to flee Iran for Austria in 1979 due to the Islamic revolution – not fleeing would have meant certain execution for his father, if not the entire family. As a child he already realized that nothing in life was ever “certain” – life means constant change and overcoming challenges and adapting to new situations.


Dr. Q battled with cancer from 16-19 while living in Austria. Having survived cancer at such an early stage in his life, opened up his mind and soul for spirituality everything that cannot be seen with one’s eyes, a journey that he has been on since. Even though he pursued a “regular” academic training and career – hence his PhD – and founding a successful tour operator business in the US – he continued to deepen his spiritual knowledge. Eventually, he started to share his experiences and knowledge with others and became a mentor for others.


In 2013 he ended up in the ICU as a virus had attacked his body and caused major damage to his heart and lungs. He was once again lucky to survive. This experience caused him to seek his palm leaf reading as he was told by his sisterly best friend – Emese Boda – that a reading could clean up one’s karma.


The reading was a profound and life-changing experience. He was told during his reading that he will bring Nadi Astrology to the West – which he dismissed as he is not an Indian and has nothing to do with India apart from practicing meditation daily, practicing yoga for 25 years, and loving spicy Indian food. Yet, the prediction has come true as he is now traveling the world talking about Palm Leaf Readings.

There is an Ancient Manuscript about You in a Library in India

3,000 years ago, enlightened sages, through the help of Lord Shiva, gained the power of clairvoyance. These Maharishis used their divine powers to look into the future and predict the lives of millions of people. Their insights were put down on dried Palm Leaves. Your Palm Leaf was written specifically for you to answer your most important questions about your life: Karma, Obstacles, Children, Destiny, Partnership, Career, and Health. Our institute was founded so that people can search for their Leaf without having to travel to India. 


Dr. Q Moayad's special offer

SoulScape Show Discount of $100 toward Part 2 & 3: Matching and Reading

Step 1. Searching for bundle(s) $100 (paid immediately)

As soon as we have received the payment of U$100 as well as a usable thumb impression, including in which country you were born in, the search will commence. Our expert readers in India will physically search for your Palm Leaf bundle(s), which might contain your individual Palm Leaf. *100% Money Back Guarantee! You will receive a full refund if no bundle was found in India. It usually takes 2-4 weeks to find out whether there is at least one bundle for you or not.

Step 2 & 3: Matching & Reading Reg. $400 with discount $300 (paid after a matching bundle(s) has been found)

The matching process includes: preparation for the matching process by moderator; live Zoom call with moderator (Europe based), reader and translator from Tamil to English (India based).


The reading process includes: same as matching process, plus: guruthan (traditional donation to reader), guideline to your personal mantras and poojas as spelled out in your Palm Leaf to cleanse your karma, pictures of your Palm Leaf. The Zoom call will also be recorded and edited and sent to you for future reference.

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Gabrielle Spencer

Commander & Light Warrior, Visionary Teacher, Inspirational Speaker, and Channel for 12D Golden Beings of Light!
Gabrielle is a channel and intuitive multi-dimensional energy healer who specializes in visionary teachings and healings of your soul allowing reconnection of your Light and Power at every level of being. She is an activator of consciousness, an awakener of souls, and a catalyst for high level vibrational change that has brought about quantum growth, abundance, healing, and instantaneous change and manifestation in the lives of millions of clients across the globe.

She is the host of the global SoulScape Show, a best-selling co-author of The Power of Transformation, has published articles in OM Times and Sophia Magazines, was a featured speaker at the Conscious Life Expo, LA; Beyond the Ordinary; You Wealth Revolution, and many more. She is creator of the Soul Illumination and Heart Opening to Abundance Masterclass series.