Danielle Rama Hoffman
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Danielle Rama Hoffman is a divine transmitter and scribe of innovative wisdoms for the purpose of evolving consciousness. Through her direct partnership with Thoth and the Council of Light, she supports individuals to shift out of separation consciousness (lack, fear and survival) and into unity consciousness, living from joy, purpose, and prosperity as Divine creator beings. Danielle is the author of The Tablets of Light, The Council of Light and The Temples of Light and co-creator of Divinetransmissions.com.

Legacy Birth With Source


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Receive INSTANT ACCESS to 3 Audio Transmissions from Thoth and the Council of Light to set the stage for our Scribe with Guides course.

1. Emerald Tablets Journey with Thoth: Be Your Divine (Extraordinary) Self 

2. Impulse of Creation Calibration: Be a Re-Sourced Creator Being 

3. Impulse of Creation Meditation: Create with Ease and Potency 

The energy you come from is essential to what you create through your higher-self connection.

Jumpstart your Scribe with Guides journey by basking in these high vibe energies to set your frequency to create from your Divine self—resourced, overflowing with Creator consciousness and in the resilient state of the creative flow. Shift out of forcing, struggling, and striving to create your day into allowing the impulse of creation to bubble up within you. Life knows how to live, creation knows how to create. Let it be easy, let it be Light!

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Gabrielle Spencer

Is known for assisting “old souls” to regain their mastery of Conscious Creation! She is a multi-dimensional intuitive channel and channels the 12D Golden Beings of Light and the Lords of Light. She is a healer, inspirational speaker, author and practical spiritualist who’s considered a global leader on activating your life purpose and abundance. She’s inspired thousands of students, clients, and listeners to get “lit” from within and truly live the abundant life they desire. Gabrielle shares next-level spiritual tools, clearings and activations to unite your heart, mind, spirit and soul to allow you to remember who you are and awaken to your divine destiny.


Check out Gabrielle’s masterclass series to help you be the Master of Light you are!

Conscious Creation in the New Consciousness Energy of the Golden Heart Frequency

 here: https://gabriellespencer.lpages.co/golden-heart-transmission-ssmc3/