The SoulScape Show

Masterclass & Panelist Series to Discover the Depth & Breadth of Your Soul and Your Evolution to Higher Consciousness!

This is an interactive LIVE series of Masterclasses and Panelist Discussions designed to go deep, to be responsive to the “in the moment” energies being downloaded and received to help you move with more ease, grace and  speed into your highest consciousness evolution.

Season 3 Transformational
Healers, Wayshowers, & Leaders

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Terrie Christine

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Carolyn Oceana Ryan

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Gabrielle Spencer

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Zoe Davenport

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Tamra Oviatt

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Vandana Atara Aura

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Lori Spagna

Kim Regnitz

Dana Stovern

Theresa Vee

Lisa Barnett

Ambujam Rose

Lisa Transcendence Brown